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Beginning with the Fall 2022 registration, the following fees will be in effect:

Regular Registration (Core Program), 8U-19U: $83.00 per player**
(The $83.00 registration fee is made up of a $63.00 Regional cost and a $20 nonrefundable, AYSO National fee. Players who play in the Fall 2023 season and return for the Spring 2024 season will only have to pay $63.00 for the Spring, as the AYSO National fee is only paid once per membership year. )
Regular Registration (Core Program), Schoolyard-6U: $75.00 per player**
(The $75.00 registration fee is made up of a $55.00 Regional cost and a $20 nonrefundable, AYSO National fee. Players who play in the Fall 2023 season and return for the Spring 2024 season will only have to pay $55.00 for the Spring, as the AYSO National fee is only paid once per membership year. )
Playground Program Registration: $38.00 per player**
(The $38.00 registration fee is made up of a $18.00 Regional cost and a $20 nonrefundable AYSO National fee. Players who play in the Fall 2023 season and return for the Spring 2024 season will only have to pay $18.00 for the Spring, as the AYSO National fee is only paid once per membership year. )
**Expedited uniform charges may apply for late registrations**

Sports Connect Transaction Fee: $2.75/Transaction in Sports Connect
 (This is a processing fee charged by Sports Connect and is charged on every "checkout" transaction in Sports Connect. This fee goes directly to Sports Connect - the Region never sees any of this. This is a nonrefundable fee.)

Please note there is a discount offered to reduce the cost of registration for our larger families with multiple players. Please see below:
Multi Player Family Discount: $5.00 discount for 3 or more children in the same family.  (Only applies to fees for the 3rd child and higher.  The 1st two players will not have the discount applied to them.) 

Players in Schoolyard through 19U will receive a new uniform in the first season in which they are registered for each AYSO Membership Year (which runs from August through July of the following year). The uniform includes a jersey, shorts and a pair of soccer socks. If your player plays with us in the Fall soccer season, they will normally be on the same team for the following Spring season. If this is the case, your player will wear their uniform from the fall during the spring season.  If you need to order a bigger size in the spring or a replacement uniform, the cost is $25.00 (plus the cost of expedited shipping if requested after the regular season uniform order). You may include an additional $25 when you register your player if you are requesting a new uniform.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to order a new uniform in the spring.  We try to order the uniforms 5 weeks in advance of the first games for each season. If you do not order the new uniform before our seasonal uniform order, you will also be responsible for the cost of any expedited shipping.

We will only be able to accept credit/debit card payments.  You may purchase a prepaid credit card to use for the purpose of payment. Your billing information must match that of your credit card exactly.  If your middle initial appears on your card, then you must include it beside your first name. Failed transactions usually mean that information you have within your account does not match. 

* Uniforms are provided to all new players in the Schoolyard - 19U age divisions for each player's first season played in each AYSO Membership Year. Players returning from the Fall 2023 season to the Spring 2024 season will not receive a new uniform for the Spring 2024 season, as uniforms received in the Fall season are to be used for both the Fall and following Spring soccer seasons. Playground players receive a t-shirt instead of a full uniform, as they do not participate in regular weekly games.


The AYSO registration system places players in Age Divisions by BIRTH YEAR.  The age chart which covers AYSO Membership Years 2022-2024 is below. For soccer seasons Fall 2022 and Spring 2023, you should use the column for MY2022.

MY2022 Calendar Year Age Determination Chart.pdf

We have Age Divisions for players from 3-19. The Playground soccer division covers our 3-year-old players, while the Schoolyard division is for our 4-year-old players.  For players ages 5-6, we have a 6U Age Division.  Sometimes your child's birth year may show both Schoolyard and 6U, or Playground and Schoolyard.  If your child is new to soccer, we recommend you choose the earlier division.  We want soccer to be fun for your child.  Learning the basics is the fundamentals of AYSO and is important for player development.  If your child has played in a division already or has older siblings that play, they may be fine to play in the older division that is presented.

Please know that, if you select different Age Divisions for the fall and following spring seasons, you will be responsible for the cost of a new uniform in the spring.  The cost of this uniform is $25 if ordered before uniforms are ordered for the season. If the new uniform is ordered late, the parent/guardian will be responsible for the cost of the uniform plus any shipping and expediting fees associated with the late order. This means that if you register your child for Schoolyard in the Fall 2022 season, and then register them for 6U in the Spring 2023 season, you will be charged $25 for your player's Spring 2023 6U uniform (plus shipping & expediting fees if ordered late).


Registration Policies  

1.  Teams will be formed to assure proper balance of teams within each age division. For this reason, we cannot accept coach requests, and we do not accept player requests for anyone other than siblings in the same Age Division. We want our teams to be as evenly matched as possible while providing our players a chance to play with many different players.  

2.  Coaches may only specify to have their own children on their team, provided they are within the proper age range for the division the parent is coaching. 

3.  We will do our best to place siblings on the same team IF they are eligible for the same age division.  Player divisions are made according to age and skill level, and there can be vast size and skill differences between age groups that make it unsafe for children to play in an age division other than their own. It is not our practice for a player to be moved up.  Our Coach Administrators may make the decision to do so, but it may prevent a player from being allowed to play in tournaments

4.  Practice night requests cannot be guaranteed. We allow all of our coaches, in coordination with our Coach Administrators, to select their practice nights.  Since teams are formed first, and then coaches are selected, there is no guarantee that your player will get the practice night you want.  The only way to ensure your player gets a certain practice night is to volunteer to head coach their team.  

5.  Once uniforms are ordered, teams are final. 

6. Parents will need to provide a birth certificate for any new players.  You can upload a picture of the birth certificate by logging into your account on this website.  Click on the pencil next to your player's name to edit.  Scroll down to the date of birth and there should be an upload button.  Click on the save/update button.  Once uploaded, an AYSO Board member will review and then delete the certificate for security purposes. If you do not wish to use the electronic upload process, you may bring a copy of the birth certificate to the first practice, and we will verify in person.

7. Every season it is required that a parent/guardian electronically signs the AYSO CDC Concussion Awareness form as part of the registration process. 



1. You will only need one user profile per family. You will be able to register ALL your players along with yourself as a volunteer through the same profile.
2. If you wish to add a Secondary Parent/Guardian’s email (to be cc’d on all Program related emails), enter their information in the Secondary Parent/Guardian Information section and click “Create Secondary Account User & Continue”. This will allow a second parent/guardian to receive program information.
3. Online Payment: To register your player, only online payments are accepted. 
4. The registration system will not allow unpaid players to be assigned to a team, so all registration fees must be paid before we can assign your player to a team.


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